Black Magic Prophecies comic issue #1

Black Magic Prophecies comic issue #1
Item# black-magic-prophecies-comic-issue-1

Product Description

Product Description Black Magic Prophecies is a story that concerns two devil hunting brothers who set out on a quest to save the world, from an ancient demon on the verge of being resurrected by an evil cult. On their journey; Demitri Darkholm must learn to control the mysterious power lurking within, while uncovering the secrets of his motherís shady past.

After successfully clearing their first major mission in issue #1, Demitri finds himself sucked into vortex that appeared on a place known as Mount Efreet. Now Separated from his brother, Demitri must find a way out of the fiery realm he descended upon.

The story continues here in Black Magic Prophecies #2

Black Magic Prophecies is an action pack; supernatural thriller, that focuses on the endless battle between good and evil.